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Car Rental Information

With a total of over 10 years of managing experience in the car rental industry, Orica Car Rental Limited is based in Thailand and a registered office.

The senior management of the company have unique expertise and domain knowledge driving the rapid growth of the company.

Orica Car Rental employs over 20 locals from drivers to security guards to the person that grooms your car. As part of its overall sustainability agenda,

Orica Car Rental follow the United Nations Global Compact  and is committed to working with stakeholders around the world to ensure continuous improvements in the areas of human rights, labour standards and environment, and to work against all forms of corruption.

We pride ourselves as the leading car rental in Yangon with various car rental services available. Our car rental services we provide are airport transfer, limousine Transport services, Corporate Car Rental services, Private Car Rental services and Private Car Hire services.

We provide fleet management services, driver training, fleet maintenance, Workshop and Repairs and insurance claims. Among all the services, we specialise in providing transportation services to MNCs & SMEs. We listen, understand and cater to their transportation needs and services.

Being able to provide the most suitable kind of vehicle for these MNCs and SMEs allow our customers to focus on their business activities rather then being bothered about details of having their own vehicle. Flexibility is our key to being one of the most sought after car rental in Yangon. 

Our Services | Car Rental Information

  • Car Rental Services
  • Private Car Rental (Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly)
  • Limousine Services
  • Airport Transfer
  • Corporate Car Rental
  • Fleet Management
  • Driver Training
  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Car Workshop and Repairs
  • Insurance Claims

Advantages of Renting Car Rental Information

  •  Low assets
  • Savings on human resource, no need for a transport department
  • Easier accounting by expensing monthly
  • Hassle free, no need for monitoring of maintenance and servicing
  • Reduced risks and liability
  • Zero time with “down” vehicles, replacement vehicles provided
  • Change of new vehicles every 3 to 4 years