Long term Monthly Car Rental

Monthly Car Rental in Yangon
Monthly Car Rental

Renting a vehicles is one of the most viable option when it comes. Whether it’s “the company car” that your employees drive or an entire fleet of vehicles your company would require to conduct its daily business.

A corporate vehicle is a car that your company essentially rents for a number of years and returns after a specified time period. The company usually pays a monthly car rental a reasonable rate for the usage of the vehicle. The company will be held to the terms of the lease during the interval periods, while a relatively new car will be derived to you with the said payment terms. Usually is a Monthly Car Rental fee.

Many corporates lease for their businesses that do not plan to purchase their own vehicles. Arrange a corporate lease vehicle for two or three years helps the company lower its capex and focus on the business instead.

Company owned vehicles lets the corporate own its vehicles indefinitely and dispose of as it wishes. Most corporates starting would need the capital to purchase the vehicles outright in full. Myanmar loans are not given out so easily with at least 3-5yrs of record. Thats when the company would choose a Monthly Car Rental that can help with your Transportation needs.

Monthly Car Rental

Companies that purchase their vehicles would need to hire additional staff to track and maintain these vehicles. These additional cost drive your overheads higher for hiring the entire team. In most third world cities, inexperience staff give rise to sloppy and incompetence to corruption. Soon you will find yourself with a dangerously maintained vehicle or unexpected maintenance bill shocks.

Therefore, leave the repairs and maintenance to the experts that would come under the monthly car rental cost in Yangon. Maintenance and repairs are already covered for under the lease. Don’t forget about Motor Vehicle Insurance premiums that companies also needs to pay. But with a Monthly Car Rental company, just leave your worries to the experienced Car Rental.

We have compiled a comparison car rental service table so that when you put price to services offered, you begin to understand that Renting a Car has many forms

Services Private Car RentalOrica Car Rental
Monthly InvoiceNoYes
Maintenance Cost IncludedNoYes
Comprehensive InsuranceNoYes
Drive Out of City LimitsNo | Only within CityYes
Left Hand DriveNo | MaybeYes
24hr Road AssistNoYes
Replacement CarNoYes
Avg Age of Cars10 – 20 yr old vehiclesNew – 7 yr old
English Speaking DriverNoYes
Car Rental Service Comparison Table

Monthly Car Rental Legend

Monthly Bill

A month by month Invoice to customer. Local rental companies or individuals collect upfront the number of months you rent.

Maintenance Cost

Local car rental company / individual would only cover oil change. Other parts that is needed to be changed, would come under your own cost as you used the car. Whereas, Orica Car Rental includes all maintenance into the price of the rental.

Comprehensive Insurance

If you are in any accident, the car you rent may not have insurance coverage or 3rd party insurance.

Out Of City Limits

No rental usage beyond Yangon city. Customers are not able to drive out of the Yangon city limits.

Left Hand Drive

The the position of the drivers seat, steering wheel of a vehicle.

24hr Road Side Assistance

When you car breaks down at any time, you will have someone to rescue you to bring you home and take care of your problems.

Replacement Car

A car that is given free for usage as the car you are using cant function. Orica Car Rental provides free replacement car.

Newer Fleet

Average age of the vehicle in Myanmar Yangon is about 15yrs old. Orica Car Rental cars are average about 3yrs


A chauffeur that drives you from point to point and you sit back and relax.