Mission Statement of Orica Car Rental

Orica Mission Statement
Orica Mission Statement


To become the most respected home grown car rental brand with the largest fleet of vehicles and exceptional professionalism.


Orica Car Rental is to be the best transportation service provider.
To provide total transportation solutions for all, getting them to their destination on time, comfortably and safely.
To groom local talents and inspire them to become the best in their field.
To enable and better living and working environment in the company.
To deliver long term returns to shareholders, while ensuring equitable treatment of all stakeholders.

Safety Is Our Priority

Our customers safety comes first when it comes to Car Rental. Road conditions, compiled with bad road users give rise to unsafe and dangerous road traffic conditions. With constant driver training programs, our drivers are always reminded on the dangers road conditions.

Our focus on quality and value

  • We ensure our cars are always in good and usable condition for our customers.
  • We regularly service and check our vehicles that exceeds expectations and creates loyal customers.
  • We offer replacement vehicles to never disrupt our customers needs for transport.

A dedication to being a great place to work

  • We believe in creating a fun and friendly car rental experience for employees and customers alike.
  • We maintain an upbeat work environment that is respectful of and welcoming to all employees and customers of all backgrounds.
  • We are committed to a well-maintained, safe and presentable workplace.
  • We show caring for our communities and encourage employee involvement in civic and charitable activities.